Review: Adventures of TinTin-All fun, no ulterior messages like in other cartoons.

The Adventures of Tintin Movie Poster (Credit:

A lot of my posts I’ve been about politics or the culture wars, not about Movies.  Part of that is from the election, and part of that is due to time constraints in my life.  It has not been the fun I thought I would have with the blog, so I do with great joy come out with a Movie Review.  Out on DVD and on demand, is the Animated Feature, The Adventures of Tintin.  I didn’t know much about the comic it was based on, but the trailer looked good, so I rented it.

This movie is an action-packed non-stop thrill ride that can’t keep your seat.  The reason for that could be it’s produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of The Rings) and directed by Steven Spielberg.  There are also no ulterior messages in the movies, like ‘big business is evil’ or  ‘we have to stop the habitat of dancing penguins from being destroyed’ or whatever liberal nonsense the studios want to indoctrinate children this week.

The titular character is voiced by Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott, Jumper) with Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) voicing the Parts of Captain Haddock and the villain Sakharine, respectively.  Tin-Tin, his faithful dog, Snowy, and Haddock are on a race to find the clues to a treasure before the villain Sakrarine finds them.  The movie’s comedy relief, the policemen Thompson and Thomson are voiced by team of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who are more than adequate, but only have a small role in the movie.  If they have a sequel like the movie websites say, they should increase Pegg and Frost’s parts to showcase their humor.

The 3D animation is superior to other animated movies like Shrek, or Cars, especially in the action sequences.  If you want a movie that is a wonderful escape for reality for an hour or two, and you don’t have to worry about your children being inundated with propaganda then The Adventures of Tintin is a safe bet.

I give a review of scrolls.  This movie is not for small children due to some violence and drinking.  Rated PG.

Mediocrity or Excellence-Our Choice

On 4/18/12, Glenn Beck did his second oval speech, Excellence Around Us which talks about getting Washington out of our lives by first not expecting Washington to fix our problem, but by fixing them ourselves.  Today, The fight for America is between two groups, The ones that aspire to excellence and the ones that want you to be mediocre.  As a former cab driver, who went into the poor Black neighborhoods of North Omaha for fares, I saw what happens when somebody leads you to mediocrity; to make you feel so worthless that you believe the Democratic lie that you can’t make it on your own.  I always felt depressed for these people; that they weren’t told or didn’t believe the promise of this country.

Now, Obama and his cronies are trying to make all of America the same way.  We have the choice in this election.  Although some of you don’t want vote for Romney this election, We have to or we will lose this nation forever.  Its your choice:  Obama or Romney;  Tyranny or Liberty;  Mediocrity or Excellence.

Please read this.

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Prayers of our Founder

The past of this nation is riddled with numerous shifts in direction. Yet always,at its core is a willingness and drive to accomplish something greater than itself. From the left and right wing of our government great things have indeed been done. Despite this fact do not assume things are now as they have been in the past.

Once rugged individualism and an overwhelming compassionate nature divided us. A healthy balance. Something that represented the internal struggle in us all. A need to rely on ourselves for solutions and the helping hand we are compelled to lend to others. However this understandable distinction is not what divides us today. At present the difference between the two warring factions of our nation is drawn with two very different lines. We are faced now with a citizenry diametrically opposed at a very basic level. The conservative base of today finds itself standing…

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The Clarion Call-Part 3 of Project Army of Light

We are now fighting a war of ideas against a relentless enemy that has the Mainstream Media and The Bureaucracy in its back pocket.  They plan to remould the earth in their own image and in doing so plunging the world into darkness and slavery.  They co-opt religion in their battles under the banner of Social Justice while having their friends in Secular Atheism enter the battle as well to push the world into a socialist utopia.

The Left say we hate;  that we are bigoted, when we don’t accept their corrupt ideology.  They ridicule anyone who promotes traditional values.  We get discouraged when the world turns away from Good to Evil.  Some say we should let the world burn; that we are in the End Times.  That soon Jesus will come so we should withdraw from the world until he comes.

The problem is if that is true, then we are in the time where the Antichrist and his armies come for us.  When Jesus is to return, then what will we say when we sit on our asses until his army of angels come.  I don’t think our Lord will like that.  Instead, we shall today fight back against Satan and his army of darkness.  We have remnants that have been forming to fight back, but we need to work together to do what is needed. Its time to shout the clarion call to unite.

I say we form an Army of Light to fight those who wish to plunge the world into darkness.  As Ben Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”  We must unite together, not in theology, but in purpose, to protect us from tyranny;  to keep us from slavery; and to shine our light on the darkness.

If we fail to act, then evil shall all come for us, like they did in the totalitarian governments of the last century.  We already know who usually gets taken first.  It’s usually the Jewish people, who are scapegoats for all the problems of the world.  Our Jewish brothers know this so well.  That is partially the reason for the State of Israel.  Let us not allow another holocaust of not only the Jews, but every freedom loving person of the planet.

The question you are probably are asking is how?  Well, we are already doing it.  We have the Tea Party Movement in America, and what looks like a beginnings of an international party movement whom recently met with Glenn Beck.  We have clergy who have joined the ‘Black Robe Regiment’ and repudiated liberation theology.  People are leaving the Mainstream Media in droves in search of truth.  They are going to alternatives like talk radio, Fox News and the Internet.  Although we have lost Andrew Breitbart, there are armies of bloggers like myself ready to take his place in verbal combat with the Left on the Internet.  We are using with social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and Freedomworks FreedomConnector, so we can share, and organize with ease.  We are on the beginnings of a united front.

Now, you may say that right now, ‘we are not walking lock step, like the left does.’  We may not be organized like the Left, but that is because we are individuals, not the endless drones the Left uses who are parts of a collective, like the unions.  We actually think about what we believe.  The Left may have a head start on organizing, but we will fight tooth and nail against the socialist nightmare they plan for us.  For the left doesn’t see that we surround them, not the other way around.  As Thomas Jefferson said, “Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”.  So I say its time to fight tyranny with God’s blessing, and form an Army of Light’.

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Bullying is bad, unless the Government does it.

South Park title image.

South Park title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t watch ‘South Park’ that often, because I usually don’t have enough time to watch the shows I do watch on DVR, but I received a preview for the next episode, Butterballs.

You can watch here:

You can see the irony from the gentleman bullying the school counselor to stop bullying, but more often is the case that your kids are bullied into stopping bullying by your schools.  Those same schools bully students into accepting their socialist ideas from their curriculum.  Next, the School Administrators bully parents to accept whatever is taught by the teachers.  Then, the Teachers Unions bully parents and School Boards to accept their labor deals, and raise taxes.  Finally, Teachers Unions bully their members into giving dues money to Democratic Candidates, who bully everybody to accept their socialist agenda.

So, The school counselor on ‘South Park’ is right. Bullying is bad, unless the Government does it.

The Definitive Leftist Family Tree

The Definitive Leftist Family Tree.

My Easter Rant: Jesus is God for us Christians, not Obama.

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its Easter time, and their seems to be a swath of documentaries on TV about Jesus and the Apostles.  Only problem, they aren’t really about Jesus.  They are about promoting the Secular view of the many in the liberal academia, that Jesus isn’t God, but he is a teacher or some other crap.  I am tired of these eggheads in their ivory towers trying to peddle their beliefs in the form of truth.  For us, Christians, Jesus is God.  Probably for these academics, Barack Obama is God if they even believe in one.

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Barack Obama is not God, he only thinks he is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Political Fireball

For many of us the evening of that Tuesday felt like the beginning…of the end. This was not what we had hoped for, worked toward. Now we are faced with another election– this time we have a chance to undo what occurred in 2008.  We have an opportunity to work against Obama and fight the failed policies he has enacted.  But how? What is our strategy?  Doubtless there will be many strategies, but one thing we must combat is the main stream media.  This may be a tough assignment but for those of us who enjoy a challenge and a battle against the forces of evil it may be fun and another experience behind us.

Enter the Citizen Journalist.  Andrew Breitbart has become a hero to many of us.  His willingness to fight against what he believed to be wrong is inspiring.  I may not agree with him on everything…

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