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Barbarians at the gate-Part 1 of Project A.L.

Protesters at the Occupy Wall Street protest i...

Some of the Modern Day Barbarians-Protesters at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, we are fighting a battle with modern barbarians.  Some take the form of liberal pundits on television while others are in Occupy Wall Street or the Environmental Movement.  Others are in the Obama administration or Muslim Brotherhood or SEIU.  Like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan, none of them want to listen to reason.  All they want to do is tear everything down to serve their own ends.  They do not want religion or if they do, its one of their own design, so they can get away with sin, or at least what they think.  Because in the end we all have to meet our Creator for judgment even if you don’t believe in Him.

If they are the barbarians, so we must be the Romans, trying to protect what is left of civilization.  The barbarians are trying to destroy the last bastions of good in the world, the only things that can stop their huge machine:  The Church and the Family.  The war against The Church has been ever-present since it was founded, but the latest assault began when Obama removed the matter of conscientious restrictions from Obamacare.  Obama knew what he was doing;  He was going after the ‘big gun’ in Christianity; Roman Catholic Church.  As Glenn Beck said, “We are all Catholics now.”  Well, we are all Romans now, but we aren’t pagans.  We are Christians and Jews trying to keep a hold on our civilization from the Barbarians of Secularism, Progressivism and I dare say, Communism, because some of them are becoming Stalinist in attitude.

Attila the Hun statue.

One of the original barbarians Attila the Hun statue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They have succeeded in spreading their worldview which is accepted by most of the cultural elites, who try drown our families in multiple waves of perversion and filth in Television and Movies, and the Internet,  but those families are also the light in the darkness, a shelter for the ships in this storm.  That is why they want to destroy or ridicule The Family everyday along with religion.The Family and The Church can fight this back, but I am sad to say that some don’t care.  Many parents let the schools inculcate their children in secular values.  Then, when the children get home, the parents let the television or the computer be the babysitter.  We must stop that in our own homes or we will lose this Civilization to the Barbarians.

The Family and the Church are under assault because they are the two civilizing organizations in our society.  The other side knows that without either, a person can get to believe or do anything.  The Family and the Church inculcate values, especially values about freedom.  That is why the Barbarians value their association with the teachers unions.  The teachers unions are the indoctrination wing of the Secular Socialist Left.  The Left knows if you have the children, all you have to do is wait till they grow up.  That is where they get the Occupy Wall Street and members of the Mainstream Media.  The same thing for those that have the cancer of progressivism in the churches.  If you have the Family and The Church, then you can probably get away transforming America into a Socialist nation

In the next piece, we talk about how you are put in a vise by others who wish to keep you from your family and religion.


People leaving TV for the Internet! Who would have thought.

Short rant: We are not stupid, Obama and the Mainstream Media

I get tired of the Mainstream Media and Obamaistas thinking we are stupid.  Most of the time, anyone who gives a damn about the world is their news over the internet.  That is why Obama wants to control the internet, because they can then shut off anything that they don’t want anyone to hear.  Anyone with a brain who hasn’t seen Jersey Shore can figure things out.  You just have to think.


Those who support Obama, a Obamaista is a supporter of Obama, similar to the Communists in Nicaragua were  called the Sandinistas

Sometimes I’m becoming my dad or the dad from “That ’70’s Show”

That's '70 Show Dad-Red Forman
Image by Wikipedia

Some days I think I am becoming more like my father or at least the father from “That 70’s Show” that says ‘dumbass’ to every thing that anyone under 25 says.  I am only 36, but I never hear anything intelligent from high school or college age teenager.  Most of the stuff they spew is regurgitated obama-speak or valley girl talk.  None of them have a brain or an intelligent thought.  Maybe I am just getting old.

Glenn Beck announces Phase Two-Communism

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Glenn Beck told on his show March 20 that we are in the next phase of the revolutionary system Obama and his friends want to put on us.  Glenn said that we are in Phase II: Communism.  I been thinking more and more of the same thing.  The ways our government and Occupy treat people are not from the playbook of Woodrow Wilson or FDR, but from Stalin, Lenin and Mao.  Then, the next day on his show, He gave what we should do:

  • Extricate yourself from debt to gain increased independence.
  • Buy local and, if you haven’t, connect with your neighbors to build a sense of community. Protection comes in numbers.
  • Be the best at your job.
  • Curb internet use — especially social media and tracking applications on smart phones and gadgets — and resume connecting with people face-to-face. It is important to build a realtime rapport with your neighbors and peers so that in the event of an emergency, you’ll know where to find each other. It also reinforces the knowledge that we are all individuals, not faceless members of the collective.
  • While the financial aspects may be prohibitive for some if not most, having access to land with a fresh water supply is crucial. If one is able to grow food, he or she will never go hungry, nor will one have to rely on the government for sustenance.
  • Read, particularly those volumes that speak to and fulfill one’s needs spiritually.
  • Keep a journal and a ham radio

I pray that we survive what is going to happen.

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