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Mediocrity or Excellence-Our Choice

On 4/18/12, Glenn Beck did his second oval speech, Excellence Around Us which talks about getting Washington out of our lives by first not expecting Washington to fix our problem, but by fixing them ourselves.  Today, The fight for America is between two groups, The ones that aspire to excellence and the ones that want you to be mediocre.  As a former cab driver, who went into the poor Black neighborhoods of North Omaha for fares, I saw what happens when somebody leads you to mediocrity; to make you feel so worthless that you believe the Democratic lie that you can’t make it on your own.  I always felt depressed for these people; that they weren’t told or didn’t believe the promise of this country.

Now, Obama and his cronies are trying to make all of America the same way.  We have the choice in this election.  Although some of you don’t want vote for Romney this election, We have to or we will lose this nation forever.  Its your choice:  Obama or Romney;  Tyranny or Liberty;  Mediocrity or Excellence.


My Easter Rant: Jesus is God for us Christians, not Obama.

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its Easter time, and their seems to be a swath of documentaries on TV about Jesus and the Apostles.  Only problem, they aren’t really about Jesus.  They are about promoting the Secular view of the many in the liberal academia, that Jesus isn’t God, but he is a teacher or some other crap.  I am tired of these eggheads in their ivory towers trying to peddle their beliefs in the form of truth.  For us, Christians, Jesus is God.  Probably for these academics, Barack Obama is God if they even believe in one.

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Barack Obama is not God, he only thinks he is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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