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Bullying is bad, unless the Government does it.

South Park title image.

South Park title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t watch ‘South Park’ that often, because I usually don’t have enough time to watch the shows I do watch on DVR, but I received a preview for the next episode, Butterballs.

You can watch here:

You can see the irony from the gentleman bullying the school counselor to stop bullying, but more often is the case that your kids are bullied into stopping bullying by your schools.  Those same schools bully students into accepting their socialist ideas from their curriculum.  Next, the School Administrators bully parents to accept whatever is taught by the teachers.  Then, the Teachers Unions bully parents and School Boards to accept their labor deals, and raise taxes.  Finally, Teachers Unions bully their members into giving dues money to Democratic Candidates, who bully everybody to accept their socialist agenda.

So, The school counselor on ‘South Park’ is right. Bullying is bad, unless the Government does it.

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