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The Vise-Part 2 of Project of A.L.

Engineer's bench vise or fitter's vise - image...

Engineer's bench vise or fitter's vise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We already know that “The Barbarians” are after your family, but there is something else going on with your work.  For those who work for someone for a living, we are often put in a vise trying to working ends meet instead of taking care of the family or meeting spiritual needs.  Much of “the vise” squeezing on us has most of the time, nothing with your employer directly, but the taxes and regulations created by our large, unruly Federal government.  I am not saying your employer is totally free of fault with anything, but many of the problems in the workplace occur due to the government.

Another Part of the vise is Bad Capitalists.  I say bad capitalists, because the capitalist system isn’t at fault, even though Occupy Wall Street says so.  We have bad capitalists because of the lack of ethics and leadership in leaders of today’s boardroom.  The part of the problem is the decline of Judeo-Christian values in today’s society.  In business schools and colleges, the only thing is taught is how to maximize profits for shareholders or themselves.  Yes, executives have a legal responsibility to shareholders, but they also have an eternal responsiblity to his Creator and his fellow-man as said in the Bible.  Biblically based ethics are not taught anymore in today’s universities, and you’re lucky if real capitalism, not crony capitalism is taught in Business Schools.  Some of the faculty of business schools are often times marxist wolves in capitalist sheep’s’ clothing.

The other problem that produces bad capitalists is the group-think that many business grads are taught, instead of thinking original ideas.  Much of this trickles down to the blue-collar level with such liberal gobbledygook such as sustainability and reducing carbon usage.  I know this because I work at Wal-Mart.  For example, the standard dress code is blue shirt and khakis.  After a few months, other retailers decided to change their dress code to be exactly same as Wal-Mart’s, thus making every associate at Wal-Mart and those stores look the same.

The last thing that causes bad capitalists is crony capitalism, or better put, the government picking and choosing winners.  Now, I don’t want to sound like a liberal who bashes capitalists, but I would rather have companies try real capitalism, not crony capitalism, which unlike communism, works every time it’s tried.  Let us try to get rid of bad capitalists and not the Capitalist system.

If the top of ‘the vise’ is Big Government and Bad Capitalists, then Big Labor is the bottom.  Today’s Labor Movement is not like your father’s  unions of the past.  I know this coming from a union household.  My father worked in a chemical plant.  My father told to me once about unions don’t always do what could be smart even its members best interests.  His plant had 20-some unions in the plant, where one union could have done the job.  Each of the unions didn’t want to combine, even if it would make negotiations easier for the workers.  I learned about that when I was a kid not knowing the reason why until now.  See, unions are collective organizations that subordinate the will of the people and only care about the collective, because that is the only thing that matters.  In the case of my father’s chemical plant, the unions did not want to unite, because it didn’t suit interests of each union and the greater collective.

The problem with unions today is simply put in the far left/communist slogan, “Workers of the world unite.”  The greater collective will of unions to unite over the world is to squeeze the American People and Businesses who are too small to effectively organize.  The united collective of unions, Obama, and his socialist minions want to collectivize everyone; to subordinate rights of the individual; and to switch on their ever-growing government machine to take over the world.  But we can beat this machine that the liberals, the socialists, and the communists want to stuff down our throats.  We can fight the Barbarians at the gate wanting you and your children.  We can smash the vise on our throats. We just need an army of light to fight back the darkness that I see coming.

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