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Review: Adventures of TinTin-All fun, no ulterior messages like in other cartoons.

The Adventures of Tintin Movie Poster (Credit:

A lot of my posts I’ve been about politics or the culture wars, not about Movies.  Part of that is from the election, and part of that is due to time constraints in my life.  It has not been the fun I thought I would have with the blog, so I do with great joy come out with a Movie Review.  Out on DVD and on demand, is the Animated Feature, The Adventures of Tintin.  I didn’t know much about the comic it was based on, but the trailer looked good, so I rented it.

This movie is an action-packed non-stop thrill ride that can’t keep your seat.  The reason for that could be it’s produced by Peter Jackson (Lord of The Rings) and directed by Steven Spielberg.  There are also no ulterior messages in the movies, like ‘big business is evil’ or  ‘we have to stop the habitat of dancing penguins from being destroyed’ or whatever liberal nonsense the studios want to indoctrinate children this week.

The titular character is voiced by Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott, Jumper) with Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace) voicing the Parts of Captain Haddock and the villain Sakharine, respectively.  Tin-Tin, his faithful dog, Snowy, and Haddock are on a race to find the clues to a treasure before the villain Sakrarine finds them.  The movie’s comedy relief, the policemen Thompson and Thomson are voiced by team of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, who are more than adequate, but only have a small role in the movie.  If they have a sequel like the movie websites say, they should increase Pegg and Frost’s parts to showcase their humor.

The 3D animation is superior to other animated movies like Shrek, or Cars, especially in the action sequences.  If you want a movie that is a wonderful escape for reality for an hour or two, and you don’t have to worry about your children being inundated with propaganda then The Adventures of Tintin is a safe bet.

I give a review of scrolls.  This movie is not for small children due to some violence and drinking.  Rated PG.


Trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks great

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Movie Poster
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Movie Poster

I haven’t read the book, but I just seen the movie trailer Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter.  The trailer looks great.  I hope the movie looks as good.  Also, maybe I hope the public gets interested in the real Abraham Lincoln:  The Great Emancipator.  Too bad, we don’t have many Republican Vampire Hunters in the Presidental Race, and what I mean by vampires are those who suck the life blood of business and individuals through taxes: The Democratic Party.

Speaking of books about Lincoln,  I heard Bill O’Reilly’s book,  Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination That Changed America Forever  is really good, and is in the works to be turned into a movie.  It is one of many books I need to read instead of watching when it turns into a movie.

First Post- “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

This is my first post. I plan to use this site to tell people my musing of politics and the culture.  I got the idea from watching the Glenn Beck show on GBTV, when he started talking about Star Wars Episode Three where Palpatine talks about reorganizing the Republic with the Galactic Empire. The Galactic Senate applauds. Then, Senator Padme Amidala tells Bail Organa, “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

Well, I don’t plan to let the U.S. to end in applause. I plan to show what insights I have through a Conservative perspective.

I hope you join me.

Carl Haverkamp

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of Movies, etc…

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