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Thoughts about Private Practice episode “Andromeda”

I watched Private Practice last night, (yes, I watch Private Practice), and I was struck by a scene where Dr. Addison Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh) was talking to a lesbian couple who was pregnant with twins by artificial insemination.  A complication occurred where one of the babies would be in distress, and probably die if nothing was done, but both babies would be in trouble if surgery was done.  The pregnant mother told her partner that she wasn’t going risk the good baby, and would not do so, saying that its “her body.”

It’s interesting that an excuse that mothers of aborted babies use is the same one a lesbian mother uses with her partner to save one baby.  The irony in this plot point is thrown away when the mother decides to do the risky surgery, so nothing else is said about it in the show. So I will. Isn’t reasonable that if a mother tries to save one baby, that all life should be saved.   Maybe, if television programs talked about the culture of life rather than death, that many would watch more television.

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