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A plot of an episode of Castle sounds like it was taken from Glenn Beck

Castle series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Photo:

Spoiler Alert for Feb. 20 Episode of Castle

I finally had time to watch February 20 episode of Castle on my DVR.  Episode 16, “Linchpin”, is the conclusion of last weeks episode “Pandora” which Castle and Beckett get drafted by the CIA after a murder by a rogue agent.  Leads takes Castle and Beckett to a former CIA Analyst who figures out that a ‘vulnerability’ in our economic system that is the linchpin that would take down our entire nation.  Last weeks cliff hanger ends with the Analyst gets killed, and Castle and Beckett’s car is pushed into the Hudson with them stuck inside.

In this week’s episode, Castle and Beckett rescue themselves from the car.  Without telling the rest of the story, Castle and Beckett find out the linchpin of our economy, a daughter of an chinese industrialist who is influential in having Chinese buy our debt.  The bad guys try to have her killed and have it blamed on the CIA, which is used as a pretext to have China quit buying our debt, and starts a chain reaction of other events which eventually causes World War III.

I don’t know if the writers of Castle know, but for the last 4 years, Glenn Beck has been saying similar things.  The linchpin that Glenn said would start a reaction is not an assassination plot, like Archduke Ferdinand Moment, but the Revolt started last year in the Middle East by Tunisia which caused the Arab Spring.  Since then, The Middle East has been a powder keg of violence (like when isn’t a powder keg), causing governments to be overthrown and gas prices to soar.  This caused the prices of everything to go up even adding inflation.  Obama continues to spend like there is no tomorrow, and continues to sell more debt to the Chinese.  We are lucky that that the Chinese has not stopped buying our debt, but eventually they will.

Now, the part of World War III is happening also, but not the way the writers of Castle are saying.  The very same day the episode “Linchpin” was shown, Glenn Beck talked about his trip to Europe. Glenn and Freedomworks went overseas for a conference with members of ‘Tea Parties’ in Europe.  These people are trying to find out how to stop the march of the European countries toward and totalitarianism because of the unrest due to the financial collapse.  Some members spent all they had to get to this conference to find out what to do in their home countries.  Also, those same members of this ‘Global Tea Party’  were worried about our country and what may happen in the United States.

Glenn announced on his show that World War III had started, but the fight right now isn’t using guns and nuclear missile, but using economic terrorism, social media, and propaganda.  This world war is not a battle between countries, but a battle between ideologies.  ‘World War III’ will be between those who want freedom and smaller government versus those who want unlimited government and totalitarianism.  Now, it is time to decide what side you are on before it is too late.

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