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Glenn Beck announces Phase Two-Communism

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Glenn Beck told on his show March 20 that we are in the next phase of the revolutionary system Obama and his friends want to put on us.  Glenn said that we are in Phase II: Communism.  I been thinking more and more of the same thing.  The ways our government and Occupy treat people are not from the playbook of Woodrow Wilson or FDR, but from Stalin, Lenin and Mao.  Then, the next day on his show, He gave what we should do:

  • Extricate yourself from debt to gain increased independence.
  • Buy local and, if you haven’t, connect with your neighbors to build a sense of community. Protection comes in numbers.
  • Be the best at your job.
  • Curb internet use — especially social media and tracking applications on smart phones and gadgets — and resume connecting with people face-to-face. It is important to build a realtime rapport with your neighbors and peers so that in the event of an emergency, you’ll know where to find each other. It also reinforces the knowledge that we are all individuals, not faceless members of the collective.
  • While the financial aspects may be prohibitive for some if not most, having access to land with a fresh water supply is crucial. If one is able to grow food, he or she will never go hungry, nor will one have to rely on the government for sustenance.
  • Read, particularly those volumes that speak to and fulfill one’s needs spiritually.
  • Keep a journal and a ham radio

I pray that we survive what is going to happen.

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