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Mediocrity or Excellence-Our Choice

On 4/18/12, Glenn Beck did his second oval speech, Excellence Around Us which talks about getting Washington out of our lives by first not expecting Washington to fix our problem, but by fixing them ourselves.  Today, The fight for America is between two groups, The ones that aspire to excellence and the ones that want you to be mediocre.  As a former cab driver, who went into the poor Black neighborhoods of North Omaha for fares, I saw what happens when somebody leads you to mediocrity; to make you feel so worthless that you believe the Democratic lie that you can’t make it on your own.  I always felt depressed for these people; that they weren’t told or didn’t believe the promise of this country.

Now, Obama and his cronies are trying to make all of America the same way.  We have the choice in this election.  Although some of you don’t want vote for Romney this election, We have to or we will lose this nation forever.  Its your choice:  Obama or Romney;  Tyranny or Liberty;  Mediocrity or Excellence.


Bullying is bad, unless the Government does it.

South Park title image.

South Park title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t watch ‘South Park’ that often, because I usually don’t have enough time to watch the shows I do watch on DVR, but I received a preview for the next episode, Butterballs.

You can watch here:

You can see the irony from the gentleman bullying the school counselor to stop bullying, but more often is the case that your kids are bullied into stopping bullying by your schools.  Those same schools bully students into accepting their socialist ideas from their curriculum.  Next, the School Administrators bully parents to accept whatever is taught by the teachers.  Then, the Teachers Unions bully parents and School Boards to accept their labor deals, and raise taxes.  Finally, Teachers Unions bully their members into giving dues money to Democratic Candidates, who bully everybody to accept their socialist agenda.

So, The school counselor on ‘South Park’ is right. Bullying is bad, unless the Government does it.

My Easter Rant: Jesus is God for us Christians, not Obama.

Resurrection of Christ

Resurrection of Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its Easter time, and their seems to be a swath of documentaries on TV about Jesus and the Apostles.  Only problem, they aren’t really about Jesus.  They are about promoting the Secular view of the many in the liberal academia, that Jesus isn’t God, but he is a teacher or some other crap.  I am tired of these eggheads in their ivory towers trying to peddle their beliefs in the form of truth.  For us, Christians, Jesus is God.  Probably for these academics, Barack Obama is God if they even believe in one.

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...

Barack Obama is not God, he only thinks he is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I’m becoming my dad or the dad from “That ’70’s Show”

That's '70 Show Dad-Red Forman
Image by Wikipedia

Some days I think I am becoming more like my father or at least the father from “That 70’s Show” that says ‘dumbass’ to every thing that anyone under 25 says.  I am only 36, but I never hear anything intelligent from high school or college age teenager.  Most of the stuff they spew is regurgitated obama-speak or valley girl talk.  None of them have a brain or an intelligent thought.  Maybe I am just getting old.

Glenn Beck announces Phase Two-Communism

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Glenn Beck told on his show March 20 that we are in the next phase of the revolutionary system Obama and his friends want to put on us.  Glenn said that we are in Phase II: Communism.  I been thinking more and more of the same thing.  The ways our government and Occupy treat people are not from the playbook of Woodrow Wilson or FDR, but from Stalin, Lenin and Mao.  Then, the next day on his show, He gave what we should do:

  • Extricate yourself from debt to gain increased independence.
  • Buy local and, if you haven’t, connect with your neighbors to build a sense of community. Protection comes in numbers.
  • Be the best at your job.
  • Curb internet use — especially social media and tracking applications on smart phones and gadgets — and resume connecting with people face-to-face. It is important to build a realtime rapport with your neighbors and peers so that in the event of an emergency, you’ll know where to find each other. It also reinforces the knowledge that we are all individuals, not faceless members of the collective.
  • While the financial aspects may be prohibitive for some if not most, having access to land with a fresh water supply is crucial. If one is able to grow food, he or she will never go hungry, nor will one have to rely on the government for sustenance.
  • Read, particularly those volumes that speak to and fulfill one’s needs spiritually.
  • Keep a journal and a ham radio

I pray that we survive what is going to happen.

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Thoughts about Private Practice episode “Andromeda”

I watched Private Practice last night, (yes, I watch Private Practice), and I was struck by a scene where Dr. Addison Montgomery (played by Kate Walsh) was talking to a lesbian couple who was pregnant with twins by artificial insemination.  A complication occurred where one of the babies would be in distress, and probably die if nothing was done, but both babies would be in trouble if surgery was done.  The pregnant mother told her partner that she wasn’t going risk the good baby, and would not do so, saying that its “her body.”

It’s interesting that an excuse that mothers of aborted babies use is the same one a lesbian mother uses with her partner to save one baby.  The irony in this plot point is thrown away when the mother decides to do the risky surgery, so nothing else is said about it in the show. So I will. Isn’t reasonable that if a mother tries to save one baby, that all life should be saved.   Maybe, if television programs talked about the culture of life rather than death, that many would watch more television.

A plot of an episode of Castle sounds like it was taken from Glenn Beck

Castle series starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Photo:

Spoiler Alert for Feb. 20 Episode of Castle

I finally had time to watch February 20 episode of Castle on my DVR.  Episode 16, “Linchpin”, is the conclusion of last weeks episode “Pandora” which Castle and Beckett get drafted by the CIA after a murder by a rogue agent.  Leads takes Castle and Beckett to a former CIA Analyst who figures out that a ‘vulnerability’ in our economic system that is the linchpin that would take down our entire nation.  Last weeks cliff hanger ends with the Analyst gets killed, and Castle and Beckett’s car is pushed into the Hudson with them stuck inside.

In this week’s episode, Castle and Beckett rescue themselves from the car.  Without telling the rest of the story, Castle and Beckett find out the linchpin of our economy, a daughter of an chinese industrialist who is influential in having Chinese buy our debt.  The bad guys try to have her killed and have it blamed on the CIA, which is used as a pretext to have China quit buying our debt, and starts a chain reaction of other events which eventually causes World War III.

I don’t know if the writers of Castle know, but for the last 4 years, Glenn Beck has been saying similar things.  The linchpin that Glenn said would start a reaction is not an assassination plot, like Archduke Ferdinand Moment, but the Revolt started last year in the Middle East by Tunisia which caused the Arab Spring.  Since then, The Middle East has been a powder keg of violence (like when isn’t a powder keg), causing governments to be overthrown and gas prices to soar.  This caused the prices of everything to go up even adding inflation.  Obama continues to spend like there is no tomorrow, and continues to sell more debt to the Chinese.  We are lucky that that the Chinese has not stopped buying our debt, but eventually they will.

Now, the part of World War III is happening also, but not the way the writers of Castle are saying.  The very same day the episode “Linchpin” was shown, Glenn Beck talked about his trip to Europe. Glenn and Freedomworks went overseas for a conference with members of ‘Tea Parties’ in Europe.  These people are trying to find out how to stop the march of the European countries toward and totalitarianism because of the unrest due to the financial collapse.  Some members spent all they had to get to this conference to find out what to do in their home countries.  Also, those same members of this ‘Global Tea Party’  were worried about our country and what may happen in the United States.

Glenn announced on his show that World War III had started, but the fight right now isn’t using guns and nuclear missile, but using economic terrorism, social media, and propaganda.  This world war is not a battle between countries, but a battle between ideologies.  ‘World War III’ will be between those who want freedom and smaller government versus those who want unlimited government and totalitarianism.  Now, it is time to decide what side you are on before it is too late.

Ba’al-He ain’t just a Goa’uld from Stargate

On Thursday February 2, Glenn Beck had Rabbi Daniel Lapin on about Ba’al from the Old Testament. The Rabbi discussed how this god from the bible is now worshipped unknowingly by many people. After watching this show, I had to write about this and the Goa’uld System Lord from the same name of Stargate Fandom of and what connections I may suggest.

Statue of Ba'al the God
Statue of Ba’al the God

Those who haven’t watched the Television show Stargate-SG1, or its successor series, and Movies, Goa’ulds are alien symbiotes which use human bodies to set themselves as gods throughout the Galaxy. The Goa’ulds ruling over humans who were sent to different planets, ruling with an iron fist, until the Humans from Earth come and save the day.
Now back to today’s Glenn Beck Program. The Rabbi talked about the Ba’al of the bible who is a god of nature, fertility, filth, and violence. That would make Ba’al in today’s society, the god of the Occupy Wall Street, the culture of death portrayed by the mainstream media, Muslim Extremists, and The Environmental Movement. Ba’al is worshipped today by sexual promiscuity by our youth; the dehumanization of man; the glorification of sex and violence on TV and film; and the further degradation of women and men by pornography.
Ba’al on Stargate-SG1 is similar to the one of the Bible; he is as ever sneaky as the one worshiped in reality. He is worshipped by people kept dumbed down, by himself. The Ba’al of the Bible is worshipped by people who are equally brainwashed by today’s schools and colleges. Ba’al of Stargate has no whims over using violence to keep control over his kingdom, and fights with other ‘gods’ to do so. Today, The Biblical Ba’al’s followers try to stop those who worship the God of Abraham, Issac, and Moses from having any sway over society by having a monopoly of all media, education, and faith. Both have fanatical followers who do His every whim. On Stargate, they are the brainwashed fanatical Jaffa, while the Ba’al in reality has OWS, Muslim Brotherhood, Environmentalists, Union Thugs, etc…

Baal the Goauld
Baal the Goauld from Stargate

In the Bible, there are actually multiple Ba’als or in Hebrew, Ba’alim for nations surrounding Israel who worship him. In Stargate, Ba’al clones his body and his Goa’uld symbiote multiple times so he can be in different places at once.
Finally, In Stargate fandom, The good guys from Earth finally defeat all the Ba’alim and save the world.
In the Bible, Ba’al is fought by The God of Abraham and his followers in the constant fight of good versus evil, but Ba’al always waits in the background for Humanity to worship him again like today. My hope is that we become a moral nation again and defeat Ba’al, like on Television.

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First Post- “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

This is my first post. I plan to use this site to tell people my musing of politics and the culture.  I got the idea from watching the Glenn Beck show on GBTV, when he started talking about Star Wars Episode Three where Palpatine talks about reorganizing the Republic with the Galactic Empire. The Galactic Senate applauds. Then, Senator Padme Amidala tells Bail Organa, “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

Well, I don’t plan to let the U.S. to end in applause. I plan to show what insights I have through a Conservative perspective.

I hope you join me.

Carl Haverkamp

Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of Movies, etc…

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