Creeping Sharia

An update on this Muslim cocaine dealer‘s lawsuit…a temporary reprieve. Don’t be surprised if this case is refiled…the jihad is relentless.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that claims the Lancaster County jail in Lincoln served pork to a Muslim inmate while he was awaiting trial on a drug charge.

Dario Scott filed a lawsuit last October, claiming the staff served him a sausage and cheese scrambler with pork in it, despite assurances the jail’s kitchen didn’t serve pork, which Muslims often refrain from eating.

Scott sought $250,000.

The jail asked District Judge John Colborn to dismiss the case because Scott didn’t file a tort claim first with the county clerk as required by state law.

The Lincoln Journal Star on Monday says Colburn dismissed the case without prejudice, which means Scott could refile.

Scott pleaded guilty to a cocaine charge and is now serving…

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