Sometimes I’m becoming my dad or the dad from “That ’70’s Show”

That's '70 Show Dad-Red Forman
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Some days I think I am becoming more like my father or at least the father from “That 70’s Show” that says ‘dumbass’ to every thing that anyone under 25 says.  I am only 36, but I never hear anything intelligent from high school or college age teenager.  Most of the stuff they spew is regurgitated obama-speak or valley girl talk.  None of them have a brain or an intelligent thought.  Maybe I am just getting old.


About Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Movies, etc...

I am aspiring writer whose interested in Politics and Movies, but is sometimes too interested in fan fiction instead of his own work. I got the idea to write this blog watching Glenn Beck during one of his rants about Star Wars. I hope you enjoy this site, even if you have a different point of view.

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