Asylum Watch

No, I am not talking about secession. I’m talking about red states taking back their state’s rights as the constitution, the law of the land, provides. If there is one thing conservatives and libertarians  agree on, it is the constitution should be followed to the letter.

Okay, how do we get where we want to go? It is argued, and rightly so, that it took the usurpers over a hundred years to bring about this unconstitutional monstrosity in Washington and it will take many years to undo it. We have to live with that fact. But, do we seriously belive we will get by years of tryint to educate the brain-dead american voter? It’s not going to happen. Do we seriously believe that we can eventually fill the House, the Senate and the executive branch with conservatives and keep them in place fo many years and that they will undo the source of…

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About Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Movies, etc...

I am aspiring writer whose interested in Politics and Movies, but is sometimes too interested in fan fiction instead of his own work. I got the idea to write this blog watching Glenn Beck during one of his rants about Star Wars. I hope you enjoy this site, even if you have a different point of view.

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