Fact or fiction the story of the tower of babel is very pertinent in today’s world.

The internet and the information sharing it permits is connecting mankind in such a way that information can be shared almost instantaneously around  the world.

There is a problem though and that problem is language.When people do not speak the same language, the transfer of thoughts, concepts and ideas can be fraught with pitfalls; misinterpretation being only one of them.

There is also a tendency for individuals speaking the same language to isolate themselves to their own groups, avoiding communication with people outside that group.

Unfortunately neither Google translate or any translation service can help us here, for the languages I am talking of are those of EXPERTISE.

This is a crying shame, for man now has all the knowledge and all the tools that he needs to solve any given problem that may…

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About Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Movies, etc...

I am aspiring writer whose interested in Politics and Movies, but is sometimes too interested in fan fiction instead of his own work. I got the idea to write this blog watching Glenn Beck during one of his rants about Star Wars. I hope you enjoy this site, even if you have a different point of view.

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